Spain dental clinic: How to choose the right dentist?

Implants, crowns, surgical treatment… Dental care can quickly become very expensive in France. Do you wonder if there’s a cheaper alternative to lighten your bill?

Getting your treatment at a dental clinic in Spain may be the solution you’re looking for. Read our advice to help you find a good dentist and a good clinic!

1- Get informed about the medical clinic and benefit from a French-speaking setting

A good dental surgeon is above all a skilled health professional. They must be able to offer patients a personalised care solution adapted to their needs. They are up to date with the latest technology in the dental field. In terms of qualifications, a dentist must have a doctorate in dental medicine or dental surgery. Lastly, a language barrier should never be an obstacle so ensure that your medical team are French speaking.

At the EL CEDRO clinic in Barcelona Dr Leticia Rodriguez’s team have proven expertise and know-how. With a doctorate in dental surgery and more than 20 years of experience, our dental surgeon can handle all of your care needs. As we are constantly training, we can offer the latest dental care.

It is fundamental that you be able to speak your own language throughout treatment. At the EL CEDRO clinic, the entire medical team is French speaking. You’ll be able to speak to the team without the need to worry.

2- Choose a cutting edge technology dental clinic

The second aspect to consider is the equipment the dentist has. A clinic equipped with the latest dental technology improves quality and treatment comfort for patients. In addition, it is essential that the clinic complies with current hygiene and safety regulations.

At the cutting edge of technology, EL CEDRO clinic Barcelona is equipped with a state of the art consultation room, a sterilisation room, radiology equipment and a dental scanner. We also have a sterile surgery area especially for implants.

In order for your treatment to be carried out, we will be able to offer your treatment under IV sedation. Exclusively used by certified specialists, IV sedation allows the practitioner to place the patient in a semi-conscious state to reduce stress and make the surgery more pleasant.

3- Request a detailed and specific price quote

If you choose to get your dental treatment in Spain, it is above all to benefit from more affordable prices than in France, which are on average 40% cheaper. In order to ensure a significant saving, compare clinics based on a price quote.

At the EL CEDRO clinic, we guarantee value for money unparalleled in France. The favourable economic environment in Spain and a fair pricing policy provides more affordable prices. By way of example, a complete dental implant costs €2,200 in France compared with €1,240 in our clinic.

In order to obtain a quote from our practitioners, 2 solutions are offered:

– Provide us with a recent panoramic x-ray. This will allow our medical team to establish a completely free and commitment free quote.

– Come directly to the clinic for a free consultation. This overall assessment allows our dental surgeons to create a specific, reliable plan for 100% of your dental treatment. You, the patient, make the best decision for your dental treatment.

4- Let a trusted intermediary organise your travel arrangements

In order to simplify organising your dental trip to Spain, it is important to be able to count on a team to assist you.

In order to guarantee an excellent service, maximum comfort and proximity, the EL CEDRO clinic in Barcelona has chosen to work in partnership with the SMILE PARTNER agency who specialise in dental tourism. This service is completely complementary for all our patients. You will receive assistance reserving your plane tickets and accommodation at preferential prices. They plan your clinic appointments and share all the best unmissable places to visit in Barcelona with you!

5- Receive guarantees and treatment monitoring

Once your treatment has finished, you must adopt good oral hygiene to guarantee the longevity of your treatment. However, if any problems should occur, ensure you have a representative you can contact.

That’s why our partner SMILE PARTNER helps all our patients with post-treatment monitoring. By following the fundamental principles of good oral hygiene- brushing your teeth a minimum of twice a day, getting tartar removal every 6 months and carrying out an annual monitoring x-ray… There’s no reason you will encounter any problems.

By entrusting your dental care to the EL CEDRO clinic in Barcelona, you are guaranteed access to top of the range dental treatment at affordable prices. If you would like a free quote, please contact us.

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