The reference dental clinic for implants and dental aesthetics

Since being opened in 2000 by Dr Olivier Bournay, a renowned French dental surgeon, the EL CEDRO clinics located in Tenerife and Barcelona have been the best option for your oral health at affordable prices.

Located in the heart of central Barcelona, close to the Plaça Catalunya and the famous Passeig de Gràcia, you will be welcomed by our medical team to a modern, comfortable environment. There you will find the best dental technology for high quality, pain free dental treatment.

Each year, we get more than 5,000 French, Swiss, Belgian and English patients looking for a top of the range clinic, with shorter waiting times and the same operations at affordable prices.

5 reasons to choose the El Cedro clinic in Barcelona

A cutting edge technology dental clinic

An experienced medical team

An exclusive prosthesis laboratory

Value for
money unparalleled in France

A comprehensive approach to your dental treatment

Our goal is to offer high quality
dental treatment in a safe environment

At the cutting edge of technology, the EL CEDRO clinic welcomes you to optimal conditions for your treatment: a comfortable consultation room, an operating room equipped with the latest technology, x-rays and the latest generation 3D scanner,
advanced sterilisation and an asepsis system.

In order to offer you outstanding quality and guarantee total traceability, our clinic works exclusively with the EL CEDRO clinic’s integrated prosthesis laboratory in Tenerife.

To solve all your dental issues in a single place, the EL CEDRO medical team are experts in all specialities: conservative dentistry, implantology, oral surgery, dental cosmetics.

Our goal is to listen and understand every patient

We place singular importance on listening to you, understanding your problems and expectations
to offer different alternatives and possible treatments.

The closeness of our medical team and their excellent command of French will facilitate communication
throughout your dental treatment.

Implants placed

Crowns placed

Satisfied patients

A proven success rate

I want to get a free oral health assessment


What makes us unique is our passion for the job

What makes the renowned EL CEDRO dental clinics are the teams. Every day these men and women work to provide you with healthy teeth and a smile to suit your life.

In order to guarantee you are in the hands of the best professionals, our medical team is made up of highly qualified and experienced dental surgeons, prosthesis specialists, dental and administrative assistants, who are passionate about their work.

Our priority is guaranteeing you total satisfaction

Our dental clinic, on a human level, provides you with serenity, well-being and the assurance that your treatment will be pain-free. Our goal is to bring total satisfaction to all our French,
Swiss, Belgium and English patients who come to us each year.

Pros of the EL CEDRO Clinic

Treating phobias
(solving your anxiety) :
For completely calm
dental treatment

Geographic proximity:
Barcelona is only
2 hours flight from London

Open Saturdays:
This allows you to undergo your dental treatment with ease

Do you need help with your dental problems?

Our medical team is there to help you find the most appropriate solution for your dental issue.