What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge, unlike a dental crown, involves several teeth. A dental bridge is therefore a set of interconnected crowns. The bridge is permanently attached to adjacent healthy teeth, which are also known as “abutment teeth”.

Why choose a dental bridge?

Do you want to replace one or more missing teeth? A dental bridge is the solution.

1 Aesthetic and natural

The dental bridge offers an aesthetic result that looks like your natural teeth.

2 More comfortable to eat

Strong and resistant, a dental bridge makes it much more comfortable to chew your food.

3 No surgery required

There is no surgery required to put a dental bridge in place, just classic dental work in the mouth.

4 Easy to care for

You care for a dental bridge just as you would for real teeth, in addition to using toothbrushes and dental floss.

5 Affordable price

A dental crown from the clinic El Cedro is very affordable: from €1,050 for a bridge with 3 parts.


Patient testimony

“The El Cedro clinic in Barcelona were very welcoming, and Dr Leticia Rodriguez’s team are very professional. I am very happy with my bridge and the overall result. ”

Jocelyne L.
16 November 2017

The equipment used at the EL CEDRO clinic

El Cedro clinics have their own prosthesis laboratory to ensure you have the best quality prostheses. We work in tandem with a team of prosthetists at the El Cedro clinic in Tenerife. We ensure that 100% of the prostheses are manufactured at the El Cedro clinic in Tenerife in order to have complete control over the manufacturing process and guarantee full traceability and high quality prosthetics.

1. Metal-ceramic bridge

2. Pure zirconia bridge


You have the choice between 2 types of materials for your dental bridge: A metal-ceramic bridge or a pure zirconia bridge.
Whether you choose metal or zirconium, the frame of your crowns will always be covered with several layers of porcelain to make sure the result looks as natural as possible.

The course of treatment

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dr leticia rodriguez

To make sure your treatment is successful, you will require a check-up once a year and a descaling every 6 months or so.
By adopting these measures and making sure you have impeccable dental hygiene, your dental crowns can last for many years.

Dr Leticia Rodriguez
Dentist and oral surgeon

The price of a dental bridge

The economic situation in Spain, combined with the fair price policy at the EL CEDRO clinic, means you get affordable dental care rates, on average 40% lower than in France for the same level of care.

Starting from 1050€

Do you need help with your dental problems?

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