What is a dental implant?

A dental implant can replace a missing tooth, and the result is the closest thing to a natural tooth.

It is an artificial root to which a ceramic crown can be fixed. Dental implants are normally made of titanium, a material that is perfectly biocompatible with the jaw bone and very resistant.

Why choose a dental implant?

Are you missing one or more teeth, and are you looking for the best solution to eat more comfortable and have natural looking teeth?
If the answer is yes, then an implant is the best solution for you.

1 More comfortable to eat

A dental implant guarantees you will be able to chew as you would with your natural teeth.

2 Preserving the bone

If you lose your teeth, a dental implant will prevent bone resorption.

3 Aesthetic and natural

A dental implant offers an aesthetic result that looks like your natural teeth.

4 No allergic reactions

Dental implants do not cause any allergic reactions because they are made of titanium, a biocompatible material.

5 Durable

If you maintain impeccable dental hygiene, dental implants can last a lifetime.

6 Preserving the adjacent teeth

Unlike a dental bridge, dental implants do not require any work on the adjacent teeth.


Patient testimony

“The whole team are very friendly and the Marie-Carmen was incredibly welcoming. We appreciated that all the staff speak French. ”

Thierry S.
September 23, 2017

Our dental implants guarantee high quality

For your security and in order to guarantee the maximum level success for your dental implants, we have chosen 4 brands of dental implants that are among the most renowned in the world. All of them meet CE standards and are manufactured in Europe: Nobel Biocare, Gc Aadva, Global D and Straumann.

At the end of your treatment, we will give you an “implant passport”. This gives you total transparency and full traceability as to the origin of your implants. You will be able to keep it as a health record for your post-treatment follow-up.

The procedure


dr leticia rodriguez

To make sure your treatment is successful, you will require a check-up once a year and a descaling every 6 months or so.

By adopting these measures and making sure you have impeccable dental hygiene, your dental implant can last a lifetime.

Dr Leticia Rodriguez
Dentist and oral surgeon

Our experience in advanced implantology

Immediate positioning

This involves setting up the implant in a single appointment, putting the implants and abutment in place, as well as the provisional fixed teeth, during a complete reconstruction.

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Technique for placing dental implants without making incisions into the gums. Only a circular opening of a few millimetres long is required (the size of the diameter of the implant).

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Mini implant

This solution is recommended to replace molars or premolars in the case of long-term edentulism. It is an alternative to bone grafting.

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Bone grafts

This technique increases the bone level if it is not enough to place implants.

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The price of a dental implant

The economic situation in Spain, combined with the fair price policy at the EL CEDRO clinic, means you get affordable dental care rates, on average 40% lower than in France for the same level of care.

CROWN 350€ 
POST 200€

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