What is dental whitening?

Teeth whitening can give a boost to your smile and erase teeth stains caused over time by food, tobacco, and drinks such as red wine, coffee, tea, soda and so on.

Our dental clinic has the latest ZOOM 2 dental whitening equipment. This is a patented and scientifically proven teeth whitening procedure that guarantees immediate results.

Why choose Zoom 2 tooth whitening?

If you have teeth that have yellowed over time or become stained because of the factors listed above.
Zoom 2 teeth whitening will give you a radiant smile.

1 Quick

Zoom 2 whitening allows you to whiten your teeth quickly, in one visit that lasts 90 minutes.

2 Reliable

Zoom 2 is the only bleaching formula that contains ACP Relief Gel, which strengthens your teeth's whiteness and protects your enamel.

3 Efficient

Clinically proven Zoom 2 technology whitens your teeth up to 8 shades in just 45 minutes.


Patient testimony

“I am very satisfied with Zoom 2 teeth whitening. In addition to her pleasant demeanour during the treatment, Dr Rodriguez, gave me very good advice on caring for my teeth. ”

Luiz T.
February 10, 2018

The course of treatment


dr leticia rodriguez

With good dental hygiene, thorough regular brushing and visits to the dentist, your smile will stay bright for many years to come.

Dentist and oral surgeon

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How much does professional Zoom 2 dental whitening cost

The economic situation in Spain, combined with the fair price policy at the EL CEDRO clinic, means you get affordable dental care rates, on average 40% lower than in France for the same level of care.

starting from 200€
for maxillary whitening

Do you need help with your dental problems?

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