Case 1: Complete bridge with implants

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Marc is 53. He lives in Normandy, France. Suffering from acute periodontitis, he came to the EL CEDRO Barcelona clinic to be treated by a periodontology specialist. This disease led to loosening of his teeth, so Dr Leticia Rodriguez prescribed a complete bridge of dental implants.

Upper jaw treatment: Placing of 12 ceramic units with implants + sinus graft.

Lower jaw treatment: Placing a ceramic crown on the implant.

Duration: 1 stay of 3 days followed by 3 day visits.

What was your problem before EL CEDRO clinic treated you?

My dental surgeon in France told me I was suffering from acute periodontitis. I consulted numerous experts to find a solution, before discovering the EL CEDRO Barcelona clinic online.

What were you worried about before starting the treatment?

Not much is known about periodontitis, that’s why I had some concerns like the fear of losing all of my teeth. However, after my first consultation, Dr Leticia Rodriguez knew how to explain the problem to reassure me. The doctor guaranteed me that the treatment would be perfectly fine and that was the case.

What was your first impression of the clinic?

When I arrived at the clinic, I was most surprised about the warmth of the team and the treatment received by patients.

How did you find the Smile Partner service?

As I was going into the unknown, the Smile Partner team reassured me about the treatment. This is very important for patients. Smile Partner can take care of all the organising, reserving plane tickets and hotels.

Would you recommend the EL CEDRO clinic?

Definitely, I recommend the clinic to my friends and colleagues and anyone else who will listen every day.

Do you need help with your dental problems?

Our medical team is there to help you find the most appropriate solution for your dental issue.