Case 2: Complete rehabilitation with implants

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Concetta is 53, she lives in Geneva, Switzerland. Struggling with her teeth and no longer able to eat normally, she asked the EL CEDRO clinic in Barcelona for complete rehabilitation with implants at a more affordable price than in Switzerland.

Upper jaw treatment: Placing of 12 ceramic units on 7 implants.

Lower jaw treatment: Placing of 12 ceramic units on 5 implants.

Duration: 1 stay of 3 days followed by 2 day visits.

What was your problem before EL CEDRO clinic treated you?

I had missing teeth, broken teeth and gum problems. I had an abscess and inflamed gums which gave me pain every day. So, I took a lot of pills to manage the pain.

Why did you choose SMILE PARTNER and EL CEDRO clinic for your treatment?

First of all, I did some research online. As I was afraid of the dentist, I wanted to get my treatment under IV sedation, which the EL CEDRO clinic offered. So I came to Barcelona to see the clinic and spoke with the surgeons about the treatment.

Did you have any worries or fears before starting your treatment?

I was always afraid of the dentist because of some bad experiences in my childhood. The inside of my cheek was burned while treating a cavity, and I had a tooth extraction without anaesthesia.

How did you find this experience?

It was a very very positive experience. This has changed my life. Before I never smiled, I wouldn’t have my photo taken because I was really ashamed. Now, I laugh and get my picture taken. Above all, I’m really happy with the results.

Would you recommend the EL CEDRO clinic?

I’ve already recommended the EL CEDRO clinic to a number of people. They were able to see the results and were really jealous. I came today with my daughter-in-law who needed treatment.

My experience has been really positive. I never had any pain. I will never forget this experience and would do it again.

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