Case 3: Dental treatment under IV sedation

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Yannick is 60, he lives in Calvi, Corsica. Following numerous infections leading to the loss of numerous teeth and requiring him to wear a number of removable prosthesis, he requested the EL CEDRO clinic in Barcelona to find an aesthetic, fixed and long-lasting solution.

Upper jaw treatment: Placing a screw retained prosthesis with 6 implants.

Lower jaw treatment: Placing 5 ceramo-metal crowns on implants.

Duration: 1 stay of 3 days followed by 2 day visits.

What problems did you have before contacting us?

Since adolescence I had neglected my teeth without realising the consequences, a mistake you should not make. Unfortunately I lost teeth, had infections, cavities, fragile gums, bad breath and associated digestive problems.

I had to wear removable prosthesis with retainers on the top and bottom, which lead to sores, adjustment problems, injuries when chewing hard or acidic foods, accidentally biting when chewing.

It was a composite on my last molar which led me to consult a dental surgeon in 2016 to make a diagnosis because the infections were really quite significant. The sores and wounds were really annoying. My teeth had fangs due to the removable prosthesis and were also weakened by cavities.

Did you have any worries or fears before starting your treatment?

I wasn’t prepared for my dental treatment plan. In terms of the duration of the treatment, I felt that it would be very tiring and traumatising to stay in the correct position.

Nevertheless, I am grateful to Dr Leticia Rodriguez Silvera and her assistants who put me at ease
during the delicate treatment carried out at the EL CEDRO clinic. Dr Leticia Rodriguez Silvera is very professional, she knew from her expertise how to carry out the treatment without me being too stressed by the irritation of having my mouth half open often by necessity. I quickly built up trust with Dr Leticia Rodriguez Silvera.

Why did you choose to carry out the surgery under IV sedation?

As it was clear there would be posture discomfort during the operation and my anxiety linked to dental surgery, I chose to be injected with painkillers administered by the anaesthetist before and during the treatment carried out by the EL CEDRO clinic.

Did the IV sedation meet your expectations? What did you feel?

I wasn’t aware of the treatment being carried out by Dr Leticia Rodriguez Silvera. Nor the time passing. I was completely relaxed for the entire session. I don’t regret anything.

I felt that the IV sedation was performed well, the anaesthetist let me wake up naturally at the end of the session. I didn’t feel any post-operative pain.

One year after your treatment, how do you feel about your experience?

Dr Leticia Rodriguez Silvera was careful to assure me that I was being prescribed optimal dental treatment. The advice and solutions offered by the doctor and the EL CEDRO team had a role to play
in my level of satisfaction and I’ve seen proven benefits in my oral health and the aesthetics of my teeth. VERY WELL DONE AND THANK YOU to the EL CEDRO team in Barcelona.

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