Case 4: Complete rehabilitation with 14 dental implants

Découvrez le récit de son expérience

Claude a 81 ans, il vit en France près de Bordeaux. Partiellement édenté, l’empêchant de manger normalement, il a sollicité la clinique EL CEDRO à Barcelone pour réaliser une réhabilitation complète de sa dentition sur 14 implants dentaires.

Upper jaw treatment: Placing of 12 ceramic units with 8 implants.

Lower jaw treatment: Placing of 12 ceramic units with 6 implants.

Duration: 2 stays of 2 days followed by 1 day visit.

What problems did you have before starting your treatment?

At the age of 81, I didn’t have many teeth left. I had removable dentures which hurt and took all the taste of out food, without taking into account the sticking, unsticking and cleaning ritual. In the end I only put them in to go out, as I worried about the aesthetics. I took meals at home without dentures which led to digestion problems as I couldn’t chew properly. Meals became a source of discomfort.

You came to a preliminary consultation in Barcelona to get a price and you started your treatment as soon as possible. What determined your decision?

I came to Barcelona on the advice of a friend, he had also had treatment with you. Straight away I felt in good hands from the welcome, the advice, the equipment and the cleanliness of the premises. I was reassured by the medical team’s professionalism, the explanations were clear and reassured me. One hour later, I was in the chair and didn’t have any fears.

In a few words, can you explain the treatment prescribed to you?

After obtaining and accepting a budget, a panoramic x-ray was carried out and a scan which showed I did not
need a bone graft, my jaw was suitable for implants. The bad teeth were extracted and an impression was taken to place the 14 implants. There was no pain!

I returned home 2 days later with a temporary brace and waited 6 months to heal. Everything went
perfectly during this time.

When I returned to Barcelona 6 months later, they placed a temporary brace which I kept for 1 month. Everything went well and I had my final teeth. Again, it was painless.

Were you satisfied with the treatment from the EL CEDRO clinic?

Very satisfied! I’ve rediscovered the taste of food, and the joy of biting into a piece of fruit. It’s a real luxury.
Dr Rodriguez Silvera and her team are reliable, skilled and there are no doubts about
their professionalism. The laboratory welcome you, provide support, listen, follow-up and provide advice, all in a cutting edge technology setting. Furthermore, the first contact in Angers through the SMILE PARTNER intermediary was also satisfactory.

What did your friends and family think of your new smile?

My relatives were delighted for me, they thought it was a real success as the result didn’t look like
dentures but more like real teeth. Well done to the entire team and a big thank you for my beautiful smile!

Do you need help with your dental problems?

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